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One swollen tonsil

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SleepyTinker Sat 12-Oct-19 00:55:14

Sorry for the long post but by the time I'll get access to my GP, Google will probably kill me 😭

DS is 4 and he got some runny nose, probably cold last week. Still on and off he's having runny nose, today he was coughing a little so I checked his throat for tonsillitis. He gets tonsillitis every winter so I'm expecting it any day. When checking for tonsils, I observed that DS's Right tonsil is enlarged, maybe 2 cm in diameter. He had a long episode of tonsillitis in the last winter which was still there till February, and I remember when I went to GP in February for DS's checkup the GP said that DS's right tonsil is enlarged than the left one. It didn't click me much back then because I was in the impression that the asymmetry is due to his ongoing episode of tonsillitis but now that's I have Googled it and it came in throat cancer, lymphoma 😭 I just can't stop panicking and I'm literally losing myself RN.

Please please can anyone share anything positive here, I just can't stop worrying about it 😭

Spidygirl Sat 12-Oct-19 16:50:31

I haven't got any experience of this with children but I've had lots and lots of tonsillitis over the years and one tonsil is now always bigger than the other, it's the tonsil I've had a quincy behind a few times.

I think it's due to scarring and scar tissue.

Mention it again to your gp so they can keep an eye but I'd be more concerned if it was like that and no history of tonsillitis.

SleepyTinker Sat 12-Oct-19 17:09:52

Thank you, I'll go to GP first thing Monday morning. I'm panicking so much that my husband suggested we can go to A&E right now. If I go to emergency, will they carry out any scans/tests??

magicmallow Sat 12-Oct-19 17:11:07

my son had this, I took him to the GP they said it's common and not to worry at all.

SleepyTinker Sat 12-Oct-19 17:17:01

#magicmallow thank you so much ❤️ i hope it's just nothing, I can't even think of all the crap Google is suggesting. Thank you both lovelies 💕

Spidygirl Thu 17-Oct-19 11:31:34

How did you get on at the gp? Hope all went well.

SleepyTinker Thu 17-Oct-19 15:05:12

@spidygirl I went to the GP and she said its tonsillitis, he's got antibiotics but the inflammation is still there. Hope it's nothing scary.. fingers crossed
I did ask her if he needs a referral to the ENT but she said to look out for other signs and then maybe they'll consider referring him. Thank you all so much.

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