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has anyone had an older child's tongue tie cut?

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Anothernotherone Fri 11-Oct-19 14:47:07

Or indeed had it done themselves as an older child/ teen/ adult?

The orthodontist says two of my children need their tongue tied cut. They're 12 and 14!

He also said it should have impacted their speech but it hasn't - in fact both have always been ahead with sprach and speak two languages which require different tongue positions very clearly without any impediment whatsoever.

The orthodontist is perplexed by their speech and insistent it should be unclear and they should have had considerable problems as toddlers and preschoolers, but they just haven't.

He actually said dc2s tongue tie is the most extreme he's seen, and asked permission to share anonymous photographs of it with colleagues!

My slightly paranoid concern is - could having their tongue tied cut at these ages actually give them speech problems! They've obviously learnt to compensate and been doing so for well over a decade!

Any experience?

Anothernotherone Fri 11-Oct-19 14:49:49

The orthodontist's opinion is that they'll be "like actors who've trained to speak with marbles in their mouths - when you remove the tongue tie, or marbles, their speech will be fantastic, really special"

But this sounds like a load of bollocks to me blushwink

Adesignforstrife Sun 13-Oct-19 22:51:39

No direct experience BUT I have a tongue tie. My speech is not bad - I pronounce some words in a way which might sound lazy and sometimes trip up over words. However, I have never for one minute considered corrective surgery. The thought is pretty horrific to me. I am slightly self-conscious about it though, and was more aware of it as a teen. How do your kids feel? NB I have two kids, both born with tongue tie. The first is untreated. The second was "treated" for her tongue tie. I'm sceptical about the results and feel guilty about it to this day.

BarbaraStrozzi Sun 13-Oct-19 22:55:59

I had mine cut in my mid teens (was learning a brass instrument and just wanted a bit more dexterity with my tongue). It made no difference to my speech - still can't roll my Rs. I'd love to be able to so I could pronounce Spanish properly.

Bit painful for a day or two, then it wore off.

Anothernotherone Mon 14-Oct-19 06:08:00

One child very much wants it cut and claims to have been asking to have it cut for ages (I have no memory of this, but I do have a bad memory sometimes due to overload - I'm studying, working, have 3 teens/ pre teens, and all of them see me as the parent to tell things - I do forget stuff blush ). She's pleased about having it cut. So she says.

My 12 year old was really worried about it initially and cross with me for not getting it done when he was a baby. Last night he told me that he isn't as worried as he was - but he brought the topic up, we weren't talking about that, which shows its been in his mind. I didn't want to hurt him as a baby, believing it was for no reason because his sister's speech was already really good when he was born, and she'd had no trouble breastfeeding, I thought it was inflicting pain for no reason... 12 years later of course it would be easier if it had been done 12 years ago!

12 year olds tongue tie is quite severe though - I thought he could stick his tongue out but the orthodontist showed me that that's the middle of his tongue not the end!

Apparently not being able to get the tongue behind the top teeth effects the teeth long term - both decay and growth. So the orthodontist says...

I'm glad it didn't impact your speech anyway BarbaraStrozzi

My kids can roll their Rs bizzarly, they "got" rolling Rs later than average (around age 7) which was put down to being bilingual - it's noted at the school readiness tests children have to take here at age 5, they are bilingual German/ English... My dc3 can't roll his yet and doesn't have a tongue tie, and he's nearly 9...

EmpressLesbianInChair Mon 14-Oct-19 06:18:04

I had mine cut at 11 after years of unclear speech. My parents took me to an elocution teacher as a last-ditch attempt to help me before I started secondary & she spotted it instantly. Fuck knows why nobody noticed earlier.

I had it snipped under GA & then started classes with the elocution teacher to learn to use my tongue properly. It was hard work and I still struggle to blow up balloons, lick ice creams, move my tongue out of the way when having my teeth checked. It’s been well worth it but it’s definitely not a question of just having the cut & that’s it.

Anothernotherone Mon 14-Oct-19 06:26:11

EmpressLesbianInChair this is kind of what I'm worried about, but the other way around, if that makes sense...

They already have completely clear speech, I don't want to get the tongue ties cut and cause them to have to relearn how to use their tongues! That would be a complete nightmare at their ages, and given they have two languages to contend with and DD is in the equivalent of the 2 year GCSE pressure phase at school (and specialising in modern foreign languages so also has french oral exams as well as English and German).

This apparently small decision for dental reasons could really screw things up! shock

Also GA! It's not worth the risks of general anesthesia! I assumed it would be done under local sad

Anothernotherone Mon 14-Oct-19 06:27:15

BarbaraStrozzi was yours cut under general anesthesia or local?

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