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Reoccurring sickness

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Mummymode Wed 17-Oct-18 23:27:15

My DS is 7. About 3 weeks ago all of a sudden, after being fine all day woke up in the night and began vomiting. No fever, headaches. The next he was off school, fine Most of the day, with some diarrhoea, and then sicknagain in the night. Next 24 hours (day 3) he was fine and then was sick again in night 4. Then nothing, and seemed fine for a few more days, and then was sick again once in the night, and alittle diarrhoea a few days later. DS has been fine again for a week, then complained of a tummy ache a few days ago and again tonight began vomiting with lots of cramping. What on earth is going on?! We’ve had tummy bugs before, but usually the worst is over in a few days....... will call the gp in the morning but anyone experienced a bug like this??

HairyArmpits Thu 18-Oct-18 21:00:52

Sounds like typical gastroenteritis to me.

Have you been to the gp?

Hope he's better soon

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