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Omeprazole Working Despite Projectile Vomiting?

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Abigail234 Wed 17-Oct-18 14:28:47

Long story short
My 7wo daughter has been suffering with colic/reflux since week3
Constant crying and screaming has buckled me on several occasions and no longer feeling the enjoying of my new baby

Doctor prescribed Gaviscon infant, this gave her severe constipation even with cooled boiled water

Health visitor said CMPA which we were prescribed Nutramigen but this gave her unusual diarrhoea which ran clear (had nappy off air dry time as she had bad nappy rash but no poo and actually saw it coming out clear ) and doctor told us to stop this

We then went back on gaviscon until we could see doctor again and he out us on omeprazole Mupps.
(I believe he over prescribed LO as she is only 10.5lb and he out her on 7 1/2 mg which many other mums who's LO are on it but heavier seem to be on around 4-5mg)

First day, 30mins before first feed - gave her it and she projectile vomited everywhere a couple of times but no signs but wasn't expecting it to happen straight away.

Second day, same but after speaking to mum's about dosage, i cut it to half a tablet (5mg) but this time she projectile vomited after every feed all day.

Third day, I decided to tackle one issue at a time.
Took her off Omeprazole and reflux/comfort milks and out her back on normal formula to fix the constipation issue which worked the next day.
From them (just over a week ago) she was the dream baby I always wanted - so happy. No pain etc
Until yesterday at 3pm, when I sat her up to burp, she screamed in pain and wouldn't stop wriggling about
From then, it's been non stop crying.
She burps and winds fine and she's got a fantastic night routine so thankfully not sleep deprived but crying from 5am-10pm with the odd 10min or hour nap inbetween is exhausting.
We've watched every YouTube video and read every website but nothing sooths her - not even white noise.

My question is - to those who have been in same situation - could it possibly be that despite the vomiting, the Omeprazole worked??
Also, to those who's LOs are on it, is 7.5mg too high for a 10.5lb baby?

Any advice would be lovely, I'm cracking but I know it's only a temp issue but struggling to think how I'll survive another few months 😪

AwolFlower Wed 17-Oct-18 17:01:05

Hi @Abigail234
My 5 month old ds has reflux and adding Carobel to his milk to thicken it, helped enormously with the vomiting.

The medications usually help with the pain associated with the reflux, but doesn't stop the vomiting completely.
That usually settles down as their tummies mature.

It takes time for their oesophagus to heal from the damage done by the acid, so sometimes it can take weeks to see the proper effects of ranitidine/omeprazole.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 17-Oct-18 19:33:56

Omeprazole is an H2 receptor antagonists so reduces the acid and there by the gastric inflammation. Long term it will reduce vomiting as the inflammation lessens, but this takes time.

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