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Hand, foot and mouth

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doodledott Mon 15-Oct-18 17:02:09

Disclaimer: have been to the GP who says this is hand, foot and mouth but he's also renowned as a terrible doctor who constantly misdiagnoses.

11 month old DS. Hugely high temp (39.5 without calpol, 38 with) runny nose and now covered in rash in attached photo: everywhere except his stomach, back, soles of his feet and palms of his hands.

Any experiences of this? Did it turn out to be Hand, Foot and Mouth?


dot91 Mon 15-Oct-18 17:06:05

I'm a childminder and one of my children was off with hand foot and mouth disease the other week and that's what it looked like.

serenawren Mon 15-Oct-18 17:06:57

Yep, sounds like HFM to me. I was one of the lucky few to get it off my DS. Far more horrific in adults, scalp, throat, nostrils, hands and feet full of blisters. Couldn't walk for a few days, felt like the apocalypse had come 😵😵
Make sure you stay healthy and keep your immune system up!

doodledott Mon 15-Oct-18 17:11:56

Oh good Lord! I didn't realise we could catch it.

He's really, really poorly. Hasn't eaten in nearly three days. It's taking all the tricks I know to get some water in him and he is still breastfeeding.

Any idea how long until the worst is over?

doodledott Mon 15-Oct-18 18:24:23

Bumping for the evening crowd.

QuickNC123 Mon 15-Oct-18 20:54:38

Hi, the mouth blisters tend to be the worst because it hurts them so much to eat. Keep feeding him. That will help. If I remember correctly it’s only a few days before you’ll see improvement. Poor thing.

I didn’t catch it when mine have had it x

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