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Abdominal pain

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TwilightSparklePants Tue 12-Jun-18 20:30:23

Ds11 is complaining of pain in his stomach, so bad it's taking his breath away and he's bent over with it.

We saw a gp this morning who couldn't find anything wrong with him, and suggested trapped wind.

He had meckles diverticulum when he was 6 months old and also had his appendix removed. The pain he's getting is on his left side below his ribs.

He's had calpol but can't have ibuprofen due to asthma.

Anyone have any ideas??

Will be calling gp back in the morning if he's still in pain.

Owletterocks Tue 12-Jun-18 20:57:06

The most common cause of abdo pain in children is constipation. My ds was badly constipated and doubled over in pain yet he was going to the toilet daily. He is on movicol now and much better. The GP didn’t detect it, we ended up in paeds a&e as it was travelling towards the left and he was grey and very uncomfortable. Definitely go back if he is no better tomorrow

TwilightSparklePants Wed 13-Jun-18 10:50:13

Hi thanks for that. He's definitely not constipated, he goes every day.

He was in pain a lot last night but has woken up better and is at school, they said they'll call if he's in any pain.

He's had this on and off for a long time, maybe it's allergies or something? Food intolerance maybe?

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