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6 year old has an abscess! Query re: dentists advice.

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OhWhatAPalaver Mon 11-Jun-18 20:55:57

Bit of an odd one. Took my daughter to the dentist on Wednesday. We knew already that she had a couple of cavities and were keeping an eye on them and have reduced sugar / fruit snacks etc. We changed dentists so it was her first appointment with in our new practice. Our previous dentist hadn't filled the cavities, whereas our new one asked if I wanted him to fill them or not. I thought it couldn't hurt so I said to fill them. A day or so later she has an abscess on her gum above one of the filled teeth! I thought it was just an ulcer at first so gave it a few days but it didn't go away so I took her back to the dentist again today. He said it was an abscess and said we had 3 options. 1. Salf water rinses and see if it improves, 2. Local anaesthetic and treat and fill the tooth, 3. Tooth removal. We thought we would just see if salt water rinses help first and go from there. Something is niggling at me though, I just don't feel like it's the right advice. Also why would the abscess suddenly appear straight after having the tooth filled?! Can anyone clarify please? Thanks in advance.

kikibo Mon 11-Jun-18 21:09:46

I had an abcess. Half my face swelled up. Dentist said the abcess has to be treated first with antibiotics before any teeth can be removed. Otherwise you risk infecting the wound where the tooth used to be.

I have also had gum inflammation around my wisdom tooth. Far less bad and less painful although you shouldn't wait to treat. Though I think antibacterial mouthwash from the chemist will potentially be better than mere salt water.

OhWhatAPalaver Mon 11-Jun-18 21:32:40

He said he was reluctant to give antibiotics for it because they can weaken teeth. If it gets no better I'm guessing she will have to have them.

plumpie79 Tue 12-Jun-18 22:28:24

Ah, we are in exactly the same situation! My 4yo had a small shallow molar cavity filled on Friday- today she said her tooth hurt (and there was some blood in her mouth) so I took her to see another dentist at the practice who said she had an abscess (a small one), as well as the filling having come out.

He re-filled it with something else and we have an appointment on Friday with her usual dentist to 'make a plan' but he thought it would need to be removed as they're the last to come out and he didn't think it would last that long. I'm a bit uncomfortable about leaving it untreated, but apparently that is usual unless the infection has spread? She is unbothered and not in any pain.

She actually has a pretty low sugar diet, no juice/squash, doesn't like sweets (does like cake though), no dried fruit to speak of (maybe one packet of raisins every few weeks). She was, however, an absolute nightmare to brush teeth for for about 18 months as a toddler- it needed both of us to hold her and do it and I was away for work a fair bit and DP found it hard to do on his own properly so I think that's probably why. It's the only tooth with a problem. We still feel awful about it though.

I understand if they have baby teeth removed it can cause problems with the spacing of the new ones? If she takes after me she will need extensive orthodontics anyway so I wasn't really expecting a lovely straight set of adult teeth.

I was wondering if the filling could introduce infection, but I suppose it's also perfectly possible she's had it for a while? Like you I also thought it was weird to flare up suddenly.

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 13-Jun-18 11:32:23

It's frustrating isn't it as there was no abcess before the dentist appointment and then immediately after the filling one appears. I did notice my daughters dentist didn't even clean the tooth before putting the filling in though.
I think we were quite fruit heavy in our house without realising and unfortunately at her dad's I can't control what she has and he always gives her sweets 🙄 not now she's got these issues though hopefully.
My two year old is a nightmare with her teeth. It's either we let her do it and not do a proper job or we have to hold her down while she screams. Not the best fun before bedtime.. and she's already got weakened enamel from all the antibiotics I had to have after she was born. Teeth are a pain!

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