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Query from college

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anothernextsale Wed 23-May-18 14:59:46

Took daughter to docs today as she has an asthma pump, docs class her as having seasonal asthma bought on by her hay fever and last years pump has expired.

Rang her college tutor to advise she wouldn't be attending this mornings lessons and they've asked me to provide
Firstly the Appointment card : I said our doctors make you ring at 8am to get the appointment so I do not have one

They then said - we need to see prescription : nurse always just gives us the pump from her office so I've never had to go to pharmacy after

Ok box pump comes out of to be produced then : again reiterated pump comes from nurse, we've never had a box!

I was going to write a letter for her to hand in tomorrow to say why she did not attend morning lesson due docs appt as I would normally do but do I really have to provide the above too? hmm

Larrythelamb84 Wed 23-May-18 22:52:34

No, you don’t have to give them anything. They will ask, mainly to see if you’re having them on, but you’re not obligated to provide anything. If they really insist you could advise them you can provide a copy of her most recent appointments, which you would be able to redact if there are details in there which aren’t relevant. But be sure to advise them that they will need to pay for this documentation. It usually shuts them up. My eldest was born without a clavical so has had numerous hospital apps. In the majority I’ve provided letters, but sometimes they just text so I’ve not provided them with anything.

tissuesosoft Wed 23-May-18 22:55:27

Does your GP surgery text you the appointment when it’s made?

anothernextsale Thu 24-May-18 01:48:57

Thanks both for the reply.

Nothing via text from our surgery - that would be far too helpful!

I think I was feeling a bit miffed during the phonecall, as if I was being accused of lying - even my employer wouldn't ask for such things (well they never have, to date) and school never questioned it either. I will tell her to not answer any questions from them unless they come via me and just say no if they demand to see her medication, it's only an asthma pump on this occasion but surely they aren't entitled to see all her future prescriptions such as antibiotics etc .... I'm getting annoyed again now!

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