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Sleepy after 1st injections

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cambscountrylass Tue 13-Mar-18 19:37:00

My little one has slept most of the day after her 1st injections. I can't remember my first one sleeping as much, anyone else had this? She's basically been awake for about an hr or so since 10am and isn't feeding as much (but nappies seen ok). Any comments / advice?

applesandpears56 Thu 15-Mar-18 17:55:38

Any temp?
You could always phone 111 and see what they advise - she’s very little after all

KatnissK Thu 15-Mar-18 18:04:46

Nurse told me to expect sleepiness after injections. Sadly my crap sleeper didn't get the memo and was just as awake as usual but sounds normal to me! If you are worried then definitely seek medical advice though.

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