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Itching baby! Please help

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user1465146157 Tue 13-Mar-18 09:35:16

Has anyone ever experienced this - my daughter is one and about a month / six weeks ago we noticed a bumpy rash on her bottom. Took her to the doctors just to check it but at the time it wasn’t really bothering her.

She gave us a hydrocortisone cream to be used sparingly but we got it home and as it said not for use on under 10s we left it as the rash wasn’t big.

Then a week later she began itching higher up on one side - and she had scratched so much she has raised marks / lines on her lower back.

I’ve started using the cream now sparingly as advised, it’s not making a difference but not finished the course yet.

Every night and sometimes in the day she is scratching and clearly uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do. We’ve used sudacrem and coconut oil but she is still scratching but I can’t see any rash or bumps it’s just where she’s scratched herself and is just very very red.

Hoping the doctors cream is going to help but is there anything else we can do - I may have to go back to the doctors again. She is making it worse by scratching so keeping her nails short but she still manages to leave large red lines.

Any advice? Thanks

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