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6 week old vomiting?

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slpx Tue 13-Mar-18 07:54:01

My son isn’t 6 weeks old on Friday, he was vomiting up a lot of his feeds a few weeks ago so we switched him to anti-reflux milk as agreed with my health visitor, he’s been fine up until this weekend where he has projectile vomited a few of his feeds. It’s not a little bit of vomit like it was before we changed milks it seems to be almost the whole bottle (4-5oz). Before it happens he seems quite fussy, kicking about and making noises. He’s fine once he’s vomited, kinda like it’s a relief for him? Has anybody experienced similar? I’m really worried he’s going to start losing weight because he’s not getting what he needs.

applesandpears56 Tue 13-Mar-18 08:35:43

Well the obvious answer would be to switch back milks. Most babies throw up a bit of milk after a feed.
Also how much are you feeding him a day? Are you maybe overfeeding him a little bit (easy to do with bottles)

QueenAravisOfArchenland Tue 13-Mar-18 08:38:10

Pretty normal for a baby tbh, and if the vomiting doesn't pain him and weight gain continues there's really no issue (other than the laundry which is a pain).

It almost certainly isn't the whole bottle though, it always looks like more than it is. Try pacing bottle-feeding so he doesn't overfeed and minimise air swallowed and make sure he stays upright afterwards.

slpx Tue 13-Mar-18 09:33:38

He’s been on 5oz for the last few weeks but only seems since this weekend that he’s not taking the full bottle/vomiting it back up. He seems quite tired too, sleeping a bit more than previous. I’m probably just letting my anxiety get the best of me, can’t help but worry!

applesandpears56 Tue 13-Mar-18 09:55:56

You could always take him to the gp for a quick review if you are worried

DancingLedge Tue 13-Mar-18 09:58:45

That young, really needs to be seen by GP.

It probably is a reflux/ finding right milk problem, but there a couple of other, rarer, problems that need to be ruled out.

AnnaT45 Tue 13-Mar-18 10:18:59

It could be cows milk protein allergy which is very common. Does he have a rash or bad poos?

Take him to the GP as weight loss needs to be monitored. Good luck

Luckymummy22 Tue 13-Mar-18 11:44:24

I’m surprised your HV recommended anti reflux milk so quickly if he’s only just started being sick.
My advice would be to take him to GP. It may be reflux but I would have thought that it was too soon to tell if it’s only just started happening. I’m not a fan of anti reflux milk. I think it’s too thick for them and gives them constipation. Although I guess it depends on child.

Also they go through leaps / growth spurts and that can affect their mood, make them more tired and change their milk intake.

Ragusa Tue 13-Mar-18 14:34:57

Please take him to the GP for a review. It might be nothing but pyloric stenosis needs ruling out, or at least that is what we were told when we had similar with DS.

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