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Sepsis in older children, symptoms

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Peppersandrice Sat 10-Mar-18 22:22:32

DD1 age 6 has been very poorly with tonsillitis and been in bed since Wednesday. Really struggling to keep control of her temps. Going up to 40 odd every few hours. When it’s down it’s 38 odd. Still waiting for antibiotics to kick in.
What’s the difference between normal tonsillitis symptoms and sepsis? She is achey, headache, nauseous and had a single bout of diarrhoea tonight. She’s sleeping in bed now. I just thought she would have picked up by now. She’s had tonsillitis a lot before when she was younger but she just seems really bad this time round.
Thanks for any advice.

Quartz2208 Sat 10-Mar-18 22:38:49

DS hadsepsis from strep throat he had fast heart rate and breathing cold hands and feet, could not weight bear on legs, v lethargic and at oh started getting a non blanching rash

Peppersandrice Sat 10-Mar-18 22:54:20

Her hands and feet are freezing when her temp shoots up and very shivery. No energy to get up. I’ll maybe phone 111 for advice tomorrow if she hasn’t picked up.

Fluffyblanket17 Sat 10-Mar-18 22:58:14

If you're worried about sepsis I'd phone 111 tonight. My son got very poorly very quickly when he had it. Hope she's ok

VanessaShanessaJenkins Sat 10-Mar-18 22:58:32

You sound worried. You said it was different to how it's been before. Phone now! Do not wait until morning

MistyMinge Sat 10-Mar-18 23:01:18

Poor thing, that sounds miserable. When did she start antibiotics?

I wonder if she could have the flu as well as tonsillitis, but presumably the doctor thinks it's non viral tonsillitis if they've given AB's?

Please keep a very close eye on her tonight and straight to hospital if she deteriorates.

retirednow Sat 10-Mar-18 23:02:49

Poor little thing, I'd phone tonight.

newcupcake Sat 10-Mar-18 23:03:15

If you seriously think she has sepsis call now , sepsis won't wait until the morning

Peppersandrice Sat 10-Mar-18 23:04:05

I’ve just checked her in her bed, her temp is normal just now 37. I gave her calpol and neurofen and a tepid bath at 8.30 so it’s fully working just now. Before that and all day she’s been awful.

BakedBeans47 Sat 10-Mar-18 23:05:10

If you think it could be sepsis, get off mumsnet and get on the phone to seek medical advice as a matter of urgency

Lifeaback Sat 10-Mar-18 23:08:28

I'd phone straight away- it's better to be safe than sorry. Sepsis (which the chances aren't it probably isn't) deteriorates so quickly so I wouldn't wait until the morning. Hope she feels better soon, sounds really nasty for the poor thing

Haudyerwheesht Sat 10-Mar-18 23:08:40

Is she rousable?

BigBairyHollocks Sat 10-Mar-18 23:09:27

I would phone 111 tonight,or even bring her to a&e.I wouldn’t like those temps at all.

Badumdumdum Sat 10-Mar-18 23:10:12

Agreed with pp. If you think it might be sepsis call 999 or 111 now. If it's sepsis she might be dead by the morning.
If you call and it's not sepsis, no harm done.
Freezing hands and feet are an indicator - the body is redirecting blood flow to the vital organs to try and save them. Get medical advice now.

Jackyjill6 Sat 10-Mar-18 23:19:42

It's better to alternate giving Calpol and Neurofen, sorry if I have misinterpreted, but it looks like you gave them at the same time, and you'd control her temp better if she had them at different times.

Peppersandrice Sat 10-Mar-18 23:36:22

Ok, lying in bed with her and her breathing, hands and feet, heart and temp are all fine at the moment.
The meds were about an hour apart as one was not enough to bring down temp, but have been alternating over the last few days.
We did see the GP yesterday who said to let the antibiotics work.
I just don’t know what the difference is between normal strep throat and sepsis. As fast heart and cold hands are normal with temp? Is that wrong?

Owletterocks Sat 10-Mar-18 23:41:15

Heart rate can be fast with a high temp as it raises your metabolic rate. If her Symptoms have all settled once her temp has reduced it sounds more like normal strep throat. Sepsis can take hold quickly though. If I were you I would keep a close eye overnight, regular calpol and if symptoms worsen, go to A&E

BakedBeans47 Sat 10-Mar-18 23:42:27

Have you phoned for advice yet OP? If not I really think you should do that just now.

MistyMinge Sun 11-Mar-18 07:13:51

How's your DD this morning?

Peppersandrice Sun 11-Mar-18 08:53:45

Hey she is just up, her temp is 39.8. But she is very chatty and asking for toast. Given antibiotics and calpol. Sipping water as well. So leave her be?

MistyMinge Sun 11-Mar-18 09:14:59

I'd say that sounds as if she's perking up. I don't think she'd be chatting away and asking for toast if it was sepsis. Fingers crossed the antibiotics are kicking in and she's past the worst.

Happy Mother's Day to you flowers

Peppersandrice Sun 11-Mar-18 09:17:19

Thanks Misty.
The only thing is it’s went to her chest a bit and she’s started a bit chesty coughing. Will keep an eye.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you as well:-)

Frazzled2207 Sun 11-Mar-18 09:26:26

Good. Sounds to me like she's perking up. If she goes downhill again tho please call 111.

Peppersandrice Sun 11-Mar-18 19:59:50

We were at the OOH this avo, as DD was quite unwell earlier. GP said that even though her temp was not too high, her heart rate was quite fast, and seemed quite dehydrated. I have to push the fluid and if she dips without getting better within medicine I have to take her straight back. I’ve also to keep an eye on her airways for breathing and swallowing as her tonsils are so enlarged. The Gp said that it could be Glandular Fever but wouldn’t know without proper testing.
She has picked up again tonight and had a little stew but I’m striuggling to get much fluid into her. Fingers crossed she is better tomorrow. Going to bring her into bed with me tonight, so I can keep a close eye on her.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 11-Mar-18 20:05:14

Hey op

What Abs were you given

Dd had tonsilitis a few months back she was given erythromycin which made her incredibly sick unable to eat and keep down fluids. She'd struggled befire but managed to at least manage ice pops.

Once I got the anti biotics changed she recovered quickly

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