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6 year old daughter diagnosed with stress anxiety

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butterfly198615 Fri 09-Mar-18 16:12:04

Took my daughter to the doctors today as she keeps complaining about having a tummy ache and feeling sick every morning before school. I had been keeping her off but when she gets home she is fine. So for a few weeks I've just let her go into school and had her in tears and she was even clinging on to me not to leave her but i had to. She has never done this before.
This all started when she moved into year one. I know this cannot carry on so took her back to the doctors and told her etc she said it sounds like stress anxiety. I have to keep a diary for 3 weeks on when she tells me she has a stomach ache and feels sick and the mornings she doesn't want to go to school because of this. The doctor did the usual tests and all appears fine.
I'm going to speak to the school on Monday about what the doctor has said and what they have to do.
I have asked my daughter of anything is bothering her at school and apart from a teacher she doesn't like and her friend who can be quite horrible to her most of the time she said everything is fine. She isn't behind in any of her work.

Has anyone else's child had stress anxiety and what help there child. Or any advice you can give me.

My son has SEN and he has anxiety issues but he know what he is anxious about and will let me know so I can try and help but my dd seems not to want to tell me or she doesn't remember when she gets home only when she goes to school the next day .

Whyiseveryonesoangry Fri 09-Mar-18 16:21:44

I used to feel sick before school too. Mum took me to doctors for tests, nothing wrong. Asked if I liked school, the answer was yes. Put it down to anxiety. Because I never knew what was going to happen that day, so worried about it. Improved massively as I got older. Still get a very upset stomach these days if I am in a new or worrying situation.
What helped at school was eating dry toast in the morning and also finding out the day before if we were going to be doing something different.

ChristineC320 Fri 09-Mar-18 16:48:33

I feel like I've seen this play out today at the year 1 door, a little girl clinging to her mum begging to be taken home.

Perhaps because in year 1 they're starting to get more work so she's not seeing school as being fun anymore. My DD also hated going to school when she was in year 1 and 2 but seemed to get over it for year 3. I think it could be stressed related.

Hardwickwhite Fri 09-Mar-18 16:51:33

a teacher she doesn't like and her friend who can be quite horrible to her most of the time

This could be more than enough to make her feel stressed and anxious - especially if the friend's behaviour is unpredictable.

Ohyesiam Fri 09-Mar-18 16:58:17

I really remember the feeling of not quite being " held " enough emotionally when I started school. I could not have articulated it much, but the vicissitudes of friendships, and the intensity of it all was full on. I s quite a softy, and it hasn't occurred to me to be nasty for amusement as my new " friend " could be.
I was suddenly covered in eczema.
It doesn't need to be earth shattering for a sensitive child to react.
She will grow a ticket skin, just be there for her.

butterfly198615 Fri 09-Mar-18 17:21:14

Ohyesiam sounds what you went through is what my daughter is. She tells me some of the things her friend says to her and I said for her to stand up for herself and not be bullied or bossed about but she is terrified of losing her as a friend because this girl tells her that if she doesn't do what she wants her too she won't be her friend. Which I think for my daughter is important to her.
I did have a word with her teacher but she said she hasn't seen anything but she won't watch them all the time. She seems to threaten my daughter alot and as my daughter is a softy she believes her. I try to reassure her but it doesn't seem to be helping.

cestlavielife Fri 09-Mar-18 17:27:28

Try reading the "big bag of worries "with her. going to school.with dolls. Sit down and play put being the pupil. Let hwr lead as the teacher. See if she acts out what is happening or worries.

cestlavielife Fri 09-Mar-18 17:29:13

And the ion

What to do when you worry too much a kids guide

Look on Amazon

cestlavielife Fri 09-Mar-18 17:29:22

The book

butterfly198615 Fri 09-Mar-18 17:45:23

Thank you for the book recommendations I'll have a look for them now .

GlitterGlue Fri 09-Mar-18 17:57:17

I would definitely speak to the school. There is lots they can do - organise friendship groups to promote being a good friend, encourage her to mix with other children, provide a visual timetable if she's stressed about changes etc.

kinorsam Fri 09-Mar-18 18:07:27

It's the 'friend' thing, I suspect. This other kid is making her life a misery and the school needs to step up and take this manipulative bullying far more seriously.

applesandpears56 Tue 13-Mar-18 07:03:11

Sounds like the ‘friend’. Teach her to stay away from this girl and anyone else who upsets her

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