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To get foot checked out or not?

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likeazebra Wed 14-Feb-18 20:36:20

DD 11 hurt the top of her foot while dancing Saturday, we were away from home so used freeze spray on it, after this she kept dancing as said it was fine and it looked fine.

Sunday she complained of a sore foot again it was a bit swollen (more like a lump on top) and kept saying it was "vibrating". We've been putting ice on it and although she's complained of pain occasionally it hasn't stopped her doing anything ie walking to school, dancing etc

Tonight she complained about it vibrating again when she was walking so I had another look at it. Her foot is still swollen but is now a different colour to her other foot, redder but not actually red. I felt her foot to see if I can feel the vibrating and when she moves her toes it feels like something is grating in the middle of the top of her foot.

I don't know whether a GP appointment is warranted or whether to just leave it. WWYD?

likeazebra Thu 15-Feb-18 10:58:17


youlemming Thu 15-Feb-18 13:25:01

As it's close to a week and it doesn't sound like it's settling I would get it checked out, if not by the GP maybe an urgent care/walk in unit if you have one nearby as they can x-ray if they think it's needed.

Feet can be funny things with so many different structures, if it is something that needs attention and is left it can cause issues much later on.= in life.

likeazebra Thu 15-Feb-18 21:46:09

Thank you, I think I will get it checked out. I got someone else to feel the "vibrating" and they think it's bubbles of fluid being squeezed along the foot - very strange!

youlemming Thu 15-Feb-18 22:52:46

Fluid is usually produced as a reaction to inflammation, the bodies way of trying to protect an area that's been irritated.
Hopefully it's a mild sprain and settles quickly so your DD can get back to her normal activities.

Rainbowsandflowers78 Thu 15-Feb-18 23:53:40

I’d go to a minor injuries clinic if you have one nearby

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