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Anyone have a child that coughs every day?

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Sparkletastic Tue 13-Feb-18 10:37:38

Feeling desperate after 5th visit to GP (albeit different one every visit hmm) this morning and no diagnosis. 11 year old DD2 has a chronic cough that's been going on at least a year. She's been treated for asthma and post nasal drip and given antibiotics in case it was an infection but apparently it wasn't any of these that are the root cause. Chest sounds clear and has had a chest x ray. Now here's the big complicating factor - she has congenital hypothyroidism and an enormous goitre. I can't help but think this may be the cause but according to her rather difficult consultant it isn't. He keeps saying it's asthma or 'pollution' (English isn't his first language) but the GP says no otherwise inhaler would have made an impact.

Any medics out there or any parents with similar experiences with their DCs please?

GP today has referred her FINALLY to the Child Respiratory Team but said it would be a very long wait before she's seen.

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