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Anyone have a child that coughs every day?

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Sparkletastic Tue 13-Feb-18 10:37:38

Feeling desperate after 5th visit to GP (albeit different one every visit hmm) this morning and no diagnosis. 11 year old DD2 has a chronic cough that's been going on at least a year. She's been treated for asthma and post nasal drip and given antibiotics in case it was an infection but apparently it wasn't any of these that are the root cause. Chest sounds clear and has had a chest x ray. Now here's the big complicating factor - she has congenital hypothyroidism and an enormous goitre. I can't help but think this may be the cause but according to her rather difficult consultant it isn't. He keeps saying it's asthma or 'pollution' (English isn't his first language) but the GP says no otherwise inhaler would have made an impact.

Any medics out there or any parents with similar experiences with their DCs please?

GP today has referred her FINALLY to the Child Respiratory Team but said it would be a very long wait before she's seen.

viiswi Fri 02-Mar-18 20:56:02


I have a coughing child.

Only during the day and never the night!

GP gave us a peak flow meter to use for 2 weeks. He said no to asthma as her reading were consistent, even though I think from looking, they are below what her age should be!

Have been told not post nasal drip as its been going on too long - months.

SHe now has a steroid nasal spray to use for 2 weeks and if she is still coughing - will be referred to paeds.

She clears her throat all the time too. Her cough is rather pathetic, very quiet and soft. Cold weather makes it worse too.

She is 10.

Had chest xray and all was good.

Its very frustrating.

Who did you see at the hospital? A paed?

Please keep in contact, very interesting that someone else has a cougher.

Did they not ultrasound the goitre?


Waterlemon Fri 02-Mar-18 21:04:16


My ds dermatology cosultant told me that a child with asthma or eczema will never have zero allergy levels - they will always be higher than a non asthma/eczema child. The levels however might be below what is considered an allergy but they also won’t be zero.

Ds was a night cougher, turned out he had a pretty severe dust mite allergy (as well as peanuts, treenuts and tree pollen)

I would push for allergy testing. I certainly believe asthma and eczema are symptoms of something and not just an illness.

Sparkletastic Sat 03-Mar-18 01:07:30

Lovely to have some replies thank you both.

Allergies could be a thing to explore. I have dust / dander / pollen so it could be she's inherited that. Thyroid disorder definitely from me so wouldn't be surprised.

Will keep you posted. She's being seen for blood and urine thyroid tests next week.

viiswi Sat 03-Mar-18 11:06:40


Lovely to hear from you!!

My GP told me that allergy testing is not very accurate.

Ive turned into a mad woman - vacuuming walls ceilings etc.

Wishing you luck.


Waterlemon Sat 03-Mar-18 15:11:47

With allergy blood testing, you need to have had fairly recent contact with the allergen in order to trigger a histamine response. Which is what the blood test indicates. So yes, it’s difficult to get an accurate result.

As she already has a blood test booked, you could try asking them to also test for allergies. Speak to your GP or whoever requested the blood test.

@viiswi you don’t need to vacuum walls to get rid of dust mits/pollen. Ds consultant advises that anything fabric needs to washed at 60 or put in freezer for 48hrs. Avoid carpet, curtains for this reason. bed Mattress is fully enclosed with a special dust protector, pillow and duvet protectors, dust proof sheet, and all bedding washed regularly at 60, including pillow and duvet.
Settled dust isn’t a problem it’s when it gets disturbed. I wipe ds room over with a damp cloth whenever I remember- which isn’t very often.
When we started all this, his symptoms dramatically reduced overnight! (Cough, runny nose, itchy eyes, eczema, asthmatic wheeze)

viiswi Sat 03-Mar-18 15:31:40


Oooo, thank you.

TBH Im wondering if its asthma or post nasal drip, as she cughs more coming in from the cold and when running around.

Her peak flow average was 250 and I see she should be getting 284. I thought the GP would of given us an inhaler to try?

I don't know back to him in 2 weeks.

I just can't understand that there is no coughing during sleep!

I'll have to invest in some dust protectors and start washing the pillows and quilt.


2old2beamum Sat 03-Mar-18 16:04:17

DD treated for asthma for several years, was diagnosed with brochiectasis last year by respiratory consultant. She too has hypothyroidism.

PinotMwah Sat 10-Mar-18 03:33:47

I'm in a similar situation: my DD (7) has periodic bouts of chronic cough which can go on for weeks (always after a viral infection). Not thought to be asthma as she's tested negative for all allergens (though the above comments were interesting) and bronchiectasis/CF have been ruled out.

Inhalers/antibiotics have limited use. Even oral steroids only work up to a point. I'm at the end of my tether with it to be honest.

The current hypothesis they are testing for is gastric reflux, apparently caused by a loose valve in the oesophagous: it seems very counterintuitive to me but this seems to be their best theory at the moment. Maybe worth asking your GP/specialist about this?

viiswi Sat 10-Mar-18 12:54:38


My daughter was given a steriod nasal spray to use and we ound this has made her cough worse.

Back to the GP on Monday and he said he wil refer us to the hospital.

I wonder if she could have "cough variant asthma"?

It all started after a "virus" in the summer where she lost her voice, then it was croaky and she sounded like a man, lol.

She then had "stuff" dripping down the back of the throat.

She says her throat constantly tickles and makes her cough.

Im so frustrated in the time this is taking in sorting it out. The only good thing is her chest Xray was normal.

Never coughs during sleep.


viiswi Mon 12-Mar-18 22:07:56


We saw the GP today.

The nasal spray made things worse, so we've been given a brown inhaler and have an appointment at the local hospital in May.


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