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DD Temperature 42 again

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sassypants72 Sun 11-Feb-18 00:12:48

Does anybody else's children go this high?? We've had ambulances out in the past, and A&E staff didn't seem that worried.

She doesn't respond very well to either calpol or Nurofen, even given in 2 he stints

Doctors have now advised to do a Luke warm bath about 34 degrees, which I've just done.

It's such a worry, I hope it's something she'll grow out of, she's 6 now, and this has happened since she was a baby

Witchend Sun 11-Feb-18 11:34:58

Dd2 used to. She's grown out of it now she's in her teens, but she didn't do mild temperatures, and it would take 3 constant days of full amounts of calpol and ibroprofen to get it down again. Strangely, she didn't appear as ill with that as my other two get with a temperature of just over 38.

shewolfmum Sun 11-Feb-18 23:24:44

We do 41 here...i always let a fever do it's job..don't medicate.. but at anything over 41 would give belladonna or pulsatilla to help child be more comfortable and it has always reduced a fever for us here.

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