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Overheating, reflux or fit?

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jodieleigh007 Fri 09-Feb-18 23:13:28

Hello everyone, my son has just turned two months old, when he was 5 weeks I woke up to him looking like he was having a fit. His back was arched, his eyes were open and wide (but he was still looking around), he had his mouth tight shut and there were spit bubbles around his mouth, it also sounded like he was choking but I knew he wasn't and I knew he could breathe. He was wearing a sleeping bag and a long sleeved body suit and I was about to call 999 but as I took the sleeping bag off it stopped. He didn't cry and he had some food (BF) and he went back to sleep. I asked the health visitor and they said it sounds like he overheated and got upset that he could not cool down. It happened again at 6 weeks and I got an emergency appointment at the Dr's and she also said overheating but keep an eye out. It happened again as he just turned 9 weeks and I took him to Dr's again and they said it sounds like reflux but it's odd it only happens at night so it could be the early start of a fit. I was told if it happens again to record it, strip him down and also try and give him gaviscon so they can help with diagnosis.

Has anyone else ever seen this before and knows what it could possibly be? I'm terrified to sleep incase I don't wake up in time!

Sorry for the long post, I hope someone could shed some light.

cestlavielife Sat 10-Feb-18 21:58:47

Maybe use a cellular blanket and body suit so he doesn't get too hot.
Not much you can do but keep an eye and video any episode if you can to show doctors

Believeitornot Sat 10-Feb-18 22:02:46

Was he breathing? Something similar happened to my ds at a similar age - turned out it was silent reflux. He used to have moments at night where he’d seem to stop breathing briefly. Absolutely terrifying-when it happened.

I think it was caused by acid catching in hi stomach throat. I never fully believed it was silent reflux despite him having medication, until one day when he was sitting up and a trickle of snot cane out of his nose. He rubbed it away quickly - some of it flicked me and burned a bit, which made me realise it was acid.

So if the doctors think reflux then possibly it is. It doesn’t always show up as vomiting.

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