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Skin rash in crevices/folds

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PhyllisWig Thu 08-Feb-18 21:19:40

Dd2 has come up in big patches of scaley rashes on the bits where she folds - back of knees, elbows, armpits and oddly sort of between her neck and shoulders.

No change in washing powder, no history of eczema although she had dreadful cradle cap as a baby which went on for months and months (she is 8 now). She is also prone to getting very dry lips.

She's well in herself, no colds or viruses. It's not too itchy apparently.

We've put some e45 and some aveeno on it which seems to help.

Is it a gp job? It's not bothering her but I find it odd it's just flared up in those creases and can't think what may have irritated her. Except her sister......

Pattylogic Thu 08-Feb-18 21:43:27

Could it be a fungal infection? Canteston, or similar, might help.

lnging Thu 08-Feb-18 21:46:50

My dd gets this, I used aveno bath wash and cream, honestly it clears it up within days and keeps it at bay, if I stop using for a while it comes back

PhyllisWig Thu 08-Feb-18 22:13:14

Fungal is a good call actually.

I'll crack on with the aveeno then try canestan if it doesn't clear up in the next couple of days.

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