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Confused with Preschool

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Renu1203 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:48:37

Hi to all, my first thread here sorry if the following questions sounds stupid.

So my DD is 2 and 3 and a half months old, quick history I have always suspected that her development hasn’t been like others, at current waiting for a assessment with pediatrician for Autisim. My other half keeps saying she’s fine but I can tell it a a gut feeling that things aren’t as they should be I guess. I am trying to stay relaxed and do the best I can.

So fast forward been 2 and a half months and still waiting for an appointment from the pediatrician, i’ve heard this can take long.

In the mean time I have started her of with a couple of preschool sessions a week. So first when we started I did express my concerns about DD to them and they said don’t worry we will try and help her we have dealt with similar Kids. Which I was very happy with, after the first and second sessions they said she’s putting a lot of play dough in her mouth which I kind of knew she would anyway. And they told me ways they will try and help her with. I was really happy I thought at last someone understands how I feel.

They also mentioned she’s very hyper so the first session they had to constantly run around behind her. So on The second session they chose to carry her around to each activity so she would take part in them.

Once again I was happy with this. The second week after her third session they said she kept approaching them for hugs and didn’t look too well and took part in some of the games abit longer as once again she didn’t look so well. This btw her sitting on the teachers lap.

When I went to pick her on the third session they mentioned the above. And I thought maybe her fever hasn’t fully gone as she had fever for a few days. But to my knowledge she was fine as fever was gone and she was ok the day before her third session. Anyway I didn’t think much of I and came Home.

The next day was Wednesday she was fine at home. I had the fever but she was fine. Thursday comes along her next session at preschool. She had a early night so she was up and fresh and even I was feeling much better.

I took her to preschool as usual and drop her off and observe her for a few minutes and she’s fine. She never really cries when I drop her off but I guess she doesn’t notice me gng she only notices when i come back.

Am back home and I get a drink 2 hours later and they tell me DD seems abit low she keeps asking to be picked up. ( she doesn’t say it literally as she doesn’t speak much but will throw her arms in the air and gesture to be picked up) so they tell me to pick her up. I go along and she’s again in the teachers lap aslways and I ask them they said she seems down she wants to be picked up and wants to be held. So I say that’s fine I will take her to the GP and bring her home. When she gets home she’s running around as usual, pulling stuff out the cupboards and usual and happy and jumpy and usual.

So am confused why the pre school said she’s ill.

She does gesture to be picked up if she wants you to take her some where or get her something. Are the teachers mistaking that for being wanting to be held??

Or are they finding it hard to cope with her?

Or is the preschool environment to hard for her she’s shutting down and being more quiet than normal.

Or did they get her used to be held when Doing activities that she’s trying to get them to do that. but she’s only had 4 sessions.

Shall I stop her from preschool or shall I tell the teachers she was fine when she got home.

Am so confused, this whole waiting for an assessment is long and painful enough without things Adding to it. She’s my first one and so confused.

Sorry if this all sounds so silly

cestlavielife Thu 08-Feb-18 18:18:39

If she doesn't have a temperature she is fine.
Nursery are just telling you about her day. Don't read too much into it.
It s all new for.her so just give it time.
She is probably realising that this is some place she goes to more than As a one off so is working it out. Maybe she wants security of being held for now.

Just give it a few weeks to get used to the routine.

Try using a photo schedule show her
Home - nursery -home along left to.right and say to her

We going to nursery
- point to nursery picture
After nursery mum will come and we will come home again

Point to home.

Do.this every time

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