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Son has poked himself in the eye

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DavetheCat2001 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:51:14

DS (7) has managed to poke himself quite hard in his left eye. I was in the kitchen making dinner and he came in crying and panicking.

I've tried to have a look at it, but he is reluctant to open it. I did manage to see that the outer corner where he says he poke it looks a bit red.

I have poked my own eyes before and know how painful it is.

He is currently holding a pad soaked in cold water over it.

Should I be taking him to A&E or should I just wait and see? Would eye drops (Optrex etc) help?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Couchpotato3 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:53:14

What did he poke it with?

I'd let him sit quietly and calm down for a bit, then see if you can have a better look at it. Highly unlikely that he's done any serious damage, but hard to tell just after he's done it and is panicking!

DavetheCat2001 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:58:35

His finger/nail apparently.

He is calm now, but doesn't want me to look at it. I managed to get him to open his eye briefly, but not long enough for me to have a look. He says it feels scratch and sore. I know how painful it is when you poke your eye sad

Just been reading that you can have a Corneal abrasion which needs drops. I don't want to unnecessarily drag him down to A&E/waste their precious time however.

donajimena Wed 07-Feb-18 18:03:00

Yes you do need it looked at
I had a corneal abrasion and you should get it seen to.

DavetheCat2001 Wed 07-Feb-18 18:08:46

Ok thanks.

Did you get given drops for it?

He claims that it is feeling a bit better now. Would you advise A&E or trying to get a GP appointment tomorrow?

MrsDc7 Wed 07-Feb-18 18:10:01

Ring 111 and ask their advice

DavetheCat2001 Wed 07-Feb-18 18:19:37

Thanks all.

VilePutrifiedWitch Wed 07-Feb-18 18:29:05

Sometimes with my two, I find that (gently) explaining that if they won't let me look at <whatever it is>, we'll have to ask a doctor to take a look.

They're not scared of doctors, so it's not a threat per se, but they usually let me look after that.


MsHomeSlice Wed 07-Feb-18 18:33:24

if he can keep it open and isn't in the least bit light sensitive then I wouldn't worry too much

if it's watering like crazy and hard for him to keep his eye (or eyes) open then a jaunt to MI if you can bear it tonight, or your local friendly optometrist first thing

DavetheCat2001 Wed 07-Feb-18 18:57:11

It seems much better now. He has it fully open and it doesn't look too red, just a bit in the outer corner. He says it isn't hurting anymore.

I gave him some Calpol earlier to help with the pain which seems to have helped. Will check it again in the morning and see how it is then.

Thanks sgain.

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