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Looking for people's experiences with wartner

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Zu92 Wed 07-Feb-18 16:16:07

My daughter has had a wart on her hand for about 2 and a half years now - I have tried bazuka, banana peel, tea tree oil, wartie liquid and leaving it, but it is STILL there!!! In fact, it's bigger than ever and another one is now growing next to it.

Has anyone else used the freezy Wartner on a child so young? It says from 4 (she'll be 4 in a few months - I'm assuming a couple of months won't make much of a difference?) Reckon I could do it while she's asleep or is it too painful? I don't know what else to try and I'm expecting another baby soon, so would really like to get rid of them before the virus spreads to the new baby. Just looking for people's experiences before I use it!

dementedpixie Wed 07-Feb-18 20:04:01

I didn't find it very effective tbh

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