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To pay the orthodontist in one go, £650 ...

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PoppyPeta Wed 07-Feb-18 13:30:22

DS 7 was referred to an orthodontist by his dentist, he needed a spacer to make room for his wisdom teeth to squeeze out. The dentist told us this was unlikely to be covered by NHS; we were fine with that and went ahead.

Waited for 5 month to hear from the orthodontist, had a first appointment, was told it will cost 99 pounds for the spacer and about 4 appointments 35 pounds each. We were given the invoice for the £99 on the spot, we were told to think about it and send back the forms.

This was before Christmas and i didn't get around to send the form and cheque. 3 weeks after the appointment on the last working day before Christmas, a second letter arrived with an invoice for £650. I emailed to enquire, was told it's all cost of spacer and subsequent appointments put together..

We have made that mistake before that we paid our builders up all upfront and they disappeared...

But is it the done thing for children's orthodontist?

idontlikealdi Wed 07-Feb-18 13:31:27

Did you agree a contract with them? That's a lot more than four appointments.

PoppyPeta Wed 07-Feb-18 16:42:38

Thanks, no I did not sign anything, we just had a 5min first appointment and was given an invoice and consent form, to "think about it", only to receive a second 6X bigger invoice while thinking..

I can certainly understand paying for the spacer beforehand as the doctor would need to order it in, but to pay all subsequent appointments in full upfront.. who knows how many he might need~ never been to private orthodontist before, is this standard practice for children's spacer fittinghmm

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