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DD sick again - what am I doing wrong

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Newmums16 Wed 07-Feb-18 09:53:16

So DD is 20 months old. She has had a string of colds which I know is common but she has also had a lot of sickness bugs. She had a vomiting virus at Halloween, a few colds up until Xmas, then she had a chest infection with more vomiting beginning of January and she has just woken up at 5am this morning vomiting and I have no clue why (she is still very perky!). Is it normal for her to get this sick so often - especially the vomiting? I feel like I'm failing her in some way. What am I doing or not doing for her to get sick all the time?? All advice welcome

twinone Wed 07-Feb-18 09:57:39

At nearly 2, she will still have an immature immune system. I would say it's pretty normal to be catching everything going, especially if she goes to nursery/soft play etc.
It does get better.

Backenette Wed 07-Feb-18 09:59:42

Probably nothing. If she’s in a childcare setting then alas they do spend a few years getting absolutely fucking everything going. Their immune systems just need to encounter stuff.

Best things to help

Vaccinate on time- a child with measles will have its immune memory wiped and be susceptible to other diseases again even if they’ve had them. Consider chickenpox vaccine.

Decent diet. Plenty of protein, fruit and veg

Handwashing - every time you come in from outside as well as before eating, after nappies etc.

Change socks when they come in from nursery.

Lots of fresh air

It’s OK to be a bit ‘ok I’m staying away from you if you have a cold.’

It’s tough. Unfortunately it’s a phase they go through.

Newmums16 Wed 07-Feb-18 13:55:38

Thank you both for your replies, you've made me feel better. She seems to be ok now so no idea what set her off! Although she is refusing water which is annoying.

Osirus Wed 07-Feb-18 23:40:00

I have the same with my 19 month old DD - except it was 4am and has throwing up throughout the day - still happy and perky though!

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