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Almost 13 year old with spots of some sort below

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OlderTaz87 Tue 30-Jan-18 13:19:56

Thought i'd make the subject line a little kinder, but basically she herself has pointed out to me a couple of what look like yellow headed spots around the clitoral region. She called me into the bathroom and was really worried. I've allayed any instant fears from her, telling her her body is surging with hormones right now and it stands to reason that it wont just be her face that can have issues but other areas of the body too, especially this region as well.

She's seemingly accepted this answer from me. We left it that we'd check again in a couple of weeks to see if any change and there isn't.

So... has anyone had this with a Daughter of theirs? I'm inclined to take her along to see a nurse at my surgery and i've vaguely run that idea past her if we're 'still not sure next week' etc. She hasn't freaked on me at the idea but i imagine once it would be about to happen she'd be mightily upset and anxious at the idea of a stranger looking down there.

I've told her she's just passed the first test of many as part of becoming a young lady and that i'm so proud of her... 1) checking out and knowing/understanding what is normal for you in your body and 2) asking for help if you're worried.

She seems pleased at the praise and i am truly pleased she felt able to bring it up.

I haven't seen anything like it though personally, dont know if they're spots; cysts?? No friggin idea.

Help!!! Do i take her to see a nurse? Has ANYONE any knowledge or experience of anything similar?


StayGoldPonyBoy Tue 30-Jan-18 13:22:10

Could they be ingrowing hairs? They can sometimes get yellow heads on them.

OlderTaz87 Tue 30-Jan-18 13:25:03

@stayGoldPonyBoy have mulled that idea for sure but it's so 'inner' iykwim and not where i'd expect actual hair to grow???? Or is that just silly of me? It's a good idea for me to look at that potential again though. Thanks

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Wed 31-Jan-18 13:37:48

Newyearwhodis Wed 31-Jan-18 17:50:27

Has she had them long and is she generally well?
Could it be hand foot and mouth virus?

OlderTaz87 Thu 01-Feb-18 12:01:41

ooh, that's an interesting link above, thank you!

I'm booking in an appointment to get her looked at. She's generally a healthy and well child and she spotted them a couple of weeks ago when she called me in, though i have no idea how long they'd been there before that.

maybaby17 Thu 01-Feb-18 12:11:16

Iv had this on and off for the last few years. They come and go and sometimes I will just have one large one that is like a cyst. I can't help but pop it, it's so painful but the relief is immense when I do.

I found I got them around my period when I was using a lot of tampons and going to the toilet more.

I have googled before and believe them to be normal. Barthomlew cysts or something similar?

maybaby17 Thu 01-Feb-18 12:12:54


moreismore Thu 01-Feb-18 12:16:59

I had something like this on one of my labia when I was around 15. Had yet to be sexually active in any way. It formed a hard lump, then an ulcer, then disappeared but was v painful. Mum took me to GP who asked if I was sexually active (fair enough) clearly didn’t believe my ‘no’ and then said we’d have to go to GUM clinic. We didn’t bother and it just cleared up on its own. I never got another one. Always wondered what it could have been...

OlderTaz87 Fri 02-Feb-18 15:56:05

well i've made an appt for her to see a lady doctor, soonest i can get is week after next and i'll update with the outcome, as you never know if this will be helpful to anyone else out there. There are definitely some options above that look like contenders though. Who'd have thought!!

OlderTaz87 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:13:04

just by way of update and thanks all for the input. The doctor whilst not 'naming' what the cysts are in particular has said these are indeed cysts and not remotely harmful ones either. She said if there had been 'pain an itching' she'd be more concerned but as there isn't she's happy to leave it as is right now. We'll go back in 3 months as a general check again and sooner if anything changes.

She said she sees it in boys and girls, although less in girls simply because they dont present themselves as they haven't 'found them'. She also said its absolutely due to her changes physically and hormonally and she was full or praise for her both checking herself and speaking to Mummy about it.

She DID cry in the doctors though at the idea someone was about to look at her down there, but afterwards she said 'that wasn't so bad after all' .... i feel so relieved today.

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