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'Cow milk protein intolerance' in 16 week old

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clevername Thu 14-Dec-17 14:44:00

Been to the doctors today for the 2nd time in a couple of weeks about my DS's very runny poos. They started the day after his 2nd set of immunisations and I put it down to the rotavirus vaccine but they haven't improved since then (over 4 weeks ago). There is literally no substance to them at all, and they are absorbed into the nappy completely. Frequency has remained the same (ie one or two poos a day) and there are no other issues (apart from loads of sick but he's always been like this so not sure it's related), gaining weight fine etc.

The first doctor I saw wasn't really worried about it. The doctor today, however, diagnosed 'Cow milk protein intolerance' and told me to go on a lactose - free diet (DS is breastfed).

Subsequent googling suggests that a) there's no such thing as a CMP intolerance, only allergy, and other symptoms should be present to suggest it and b) if it is a lactose intolerance (which makes sense to me seeing that it came on after the rotavirus vaccine) then there is no point my eliminating lactose from my diet as my milk contains lactose anyway, despite what I do or don't eat...

So, do any of you have any experience of this at all? Do you have any advice you can offer?


NeilPetark Thu 14-Dec-17 20:03:23

Lactose intolerance and a CMPA are two entirely different things. You will make lactose naturally in your breastmilk so that won’t make any difference. If it’s a CMPA then you can either have dairy free formula or cut out dairy from your diet entirely and often soya too as the proteins are similar. Reflux can be a symptom of CMPA, my eldest had it quite badly and needed medication.

I don’t think your GP knows what they are talking about.

purpleviolet1 Thu 14-Dec-17 20:11:36

What pp said. When we saw the paed he said the Gp's aren't trained and a lot of them mix up lactose and the cows milk protein.

For what it's worth my ds is CMPA and his symptoms were - severe silent reflux, explosive runny nappies, excessive trapped wind and generally very unsettled. He also had a rash on his trunk and face which used to come and go. He is a happy baby by nature but the difference in him once we eliminated the cows milk protein was incredible.

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