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Idling around schools

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Emiliago Tue 05-Dec-17 10:24:38

Hello Mumsnet 😊
I'm a newbie here (please don't throw rocks, I'm still learning the set up process).

I was wondering how I can get an important message out to all the mums out there who pick up their children from school in a car?
It's probably due to my line of work, and I've picked the worst season to ask for support, but nothing ventured as they say.
I'd really appreciate some support in spreading the word to turn off your engines whilst picking/dropping your children at school. I realise I'm asking you all risking hyperthermia, but if we could spread the word, between us, we could improve vastly the Air Quality around the schools our children are spending a majority of their time developing. I apologise if there is already a thread going on this but I couldn't find one?
Many thanks 🤗

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