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Virus...when would you send back to school?

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rainsbows Mon 04-Dec-17 17:06:51

Dd is 3.5 and goes to nursery within a school. On Saturday she had this horrid winter vomiting bug between 4-10pm where the sickness stopped as quickly as it started. Yesterday, Sunday, she woke with a temperature and nasty cough so I kept her off today (48hr sickness rule). I took her to the GP because the cough was worrying me but no infection, just temperature and it's all viral apparently. Dd is fine in herself, eating and drinking normally again but hot. If I keep her off again tomorrow, would going back on Wednesday be ok? She does a four hour nursery session.

Zoomaa Mon 04-Dec-17 17:14:15

I'd wait a day after the last fever.

Fever at night, off next day. Fever that day, off the next day.

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