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Sarajandb Mon 04-Dec-17 10:17:28

My 8 year old has learning difficulties and we have been fighting the system for years. Hes been through CHAMS tested for ADHD and dyspexia. He was found to be border line for ADHD so they didn't diagnose him as it wasn't definitive and his anger and behavioural issues were put down to his learning difficulties of which he is 2/3 academic years behind. Everything is in place at school and hes now been refereed for Counselling. However an incident at the weekend took place, its not the 1st time but this is the worst time. My son kicked his younfer sibling who is 6 just turned in the privates over something petty and unnecessary as he cried out he didnt want to get in trouble so he put his hand over his nose and mouth but he couldn't breath !!! he didn't stop though he only got off when the youngest bit his finger ! As you can imagine hes not petrified. My oldest doesn't understand what hes done, the consequences what could have happened. He doesn't understand or see danger he has no concept of it. ie a fight at the top of the stairs he has no concept for the fact someone could end up at the bottom. His younger sibling is very bright and he resents that and has bitter jealously over it. I've spoke n to the school and they are sending an urgent referal letter back to the doctors to go back through CHAMS but this isn't a quick process. I need something now for him ! i can't watch them 24/7 i'm scared to death of leaving them together. Right now hes behaving as if nothing has happened played nice all day the next day but what happens next time he gets frustrated or angry i cant risk that happening again. Does anyone know of anything i can do any where that can help or even speed up his place on the waiting list. I'm worried to ring social services in case they deem him a danger and say they cant live together the idea of there involvement scares me. I just want to help him get the diagnosis he needs and get him the help he needs.

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