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Occasional toe walking in 4 year old.

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boylovesmeerkats Mon 04-Dec-17 09:44:02

Hi, my son sometimes walks on his toes, we thought he'd stopped as he only did it sometimes but at the moment he's doing it quite a lot and it's frustrating because he's such a good walker usually but really hard to walk with when he's doing it. He can walk for miles, isn't clumsy and doesn't appear for have any particular difficulty. He learned to walk at 12 months and was out of a pushchair walking everywhere by the time his brother was born at just over 2.

He's not autistic either, a paediatrician confirmed that after preschool insisted we saw one for the toe walking but he has no other autistic traits.

He is a very physical boy, it feels like every feeling and anxiety comes out in how he moves and he's very tall for his age so it's a challenging combination. Any ideas?

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