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Absence seizures

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Courgetti2203 Thu 30-Nov-17 14:21:13

My daughter has been experiencing classic symptoms of absence seizures for the past year. She zones out for up to 10 seconds, is unable to speak/respond during this time but can hear, her visions goes white during this time, feels queasy in the lead up to experiencing a 'blank' moment. We've had a 72 EEG but this has not shown any of the 'blank' moments. Our doctor has suggested that it could 60% be childhood migraine. Our daughter doesn't experience at lot of headaches though the loss of vision temporarily could be linked to aura. She can experience this anything up to 5 times a day usually first thing in the morning or after sport. We're just not the sure about the zoning out. Is that normal migraine behaviour? Has anyone else experienced this?

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