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Baby will not take oral meds

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GerrytheBerry Mon 27-Nov-17 12:50:39

Hi all, my dd is 7 months old and everytime she has a cold and gets a temp I cannot get meds into her and on the rare occasions I've managed it she gags and brings it all back up straight away. She has a terrible cold atm with a temp and the pharmacist suggested paracetamol or ibuprofen suppositories, however I have never used these, we have a gp appointment in the morning so will ask then but has anyone else used them?
I am also having trouble weaning her as she gags each time I've offered solids and spits it right back out so I am wondering whether she has a really sensitive gag reflex? She also vomits every time she has a cold and you can see the mucus that's caused it.
Poor child picks up everything from her big brother who's in reception and it's such a shame she suffers the worst with it.
She's bf if that makes any difference,will not take a bottle or a dummy.

SandLand Mon 27-Nov-17 12:54:30

Suppositories are the typical way of giving kids medication and pain relief across much of Europe. Definitely worth a try.
Hope she's feeling better soon.

BlakeCadesmummy Thu 30-Nov-17 18:40:19

My littest son has had 2 suppositories and hes 4 weeks and so it deffo gets medication into then at any age but the weaning id try watering down the puree until its really fine and really really slowly build it up it could just be that the feeling is so odd to her that she just starts to gip leading to throw up but if shes not getting any better i would probably ask a gp if something else might be causing her to throw up anything thicker than milk

yikesanotherbooboo Sat 02-Dec-17 15:58:29

Suppositories are very effective at delivering medicine and are a very good idea.
As far as syringing it in when suppositories aren't available , I'm afraid that you just have to go for it... wrap your baby up so that their arms aren't flailing about and hold tight . Squirt a tiny bit of the medicine into DC's cheek ... wait until they swallow and then repeat until is easier with two pairs of hands.

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