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Some perspective on sick baby

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buzzbeebee Tue 14-Nov-17 21:46:48

My LG (1 this week) has seemed to have a cold for this past month. Think there was possibly 3 days of seemingly getting better. This has coincided with starting nursery full time as I have just went back to work. Before this was only 1 day a week. She has had a cough now for over 3 weeks. Seen 2 diff dr’s who have given chest all clear. However it just seems to be getting worse. It sounds like there is mucus to come up and she makes a face and cries after a coughing fit. It sounds like she almost brings the mucus up so far and then swallows it. When she is coughing, tongue is out and she goes red in the face. Can go hours in between coughing fits. Coughing worse at night.
She does have a very runny green nose. Was diagnosed with double ear infection and double conjunctivitis last week. Eyes haven’t completely cleared up and finished 5 days of the 7 day course of antibiotics.

The cough I do think it’s viral, and due to stuffy runny nose. However I am concerned it’s going on so long, would you take your Baby back to Dr? I hmm and haa about it today but felt I was wasting an appointment as I am pretty sure it’s not a chest infection (no temp, not rattly inbetween coughs) and nothing can therefore be done.
I am thinking eye should have cleared up by now? Would you go back about this?

Eating well, just looks tired a lot with dark eyes. Only having a short nap and struggling to get a good night sleep with the coughing.

I have cot raised, calpol plug, Baby vicks on chest back and feet and saline nose spray. Also tried cough medicine. And a glass of water on radiator in her room (don’t have a humidifier)

buzzbeebee Tue 14-Nov-17 21:47:08

Wow that was long! Sorry!

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