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Advice needed on Gastroenteritis PLEASE

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XmisskimX Tue 14-Nov-17 10:36:30

My 3 yr old son started vomiting 9 days ago.
He only has 1 episode of sickness at night/early hours and will keep retching until there is nothing left in his system....every night!
He has also had about 6 bouts or diarrhea in that time. Today it is like clear water O_O
Last week he was fine during the day, eating and drinking like normal. The past 3 days he is refusing to drink and the most I can get in him per day is around 400/500 mls.
We have been to see 2 GPs, both of which have said we just need to ride it out.
I am just so worried it has been going on so long and now he's not getting the fluids he needs.

We have tried sitting him up to sleep, putting him to bed earlier and later.
In regards to fluids, I have tried re-hydration salts, his favorite drinks (Fruit Shoots), squash, water, Ice pops, Ice cream....pretty much all I can think of and he still won't take or spits it out.
I've tried the BRAT diet, letting him eat what he wants, giving him just fruit....I am literally at my wits end with what to try next sad
I'm now thinking of not giving him any food and just trying to flush out his system, hoping the lack of solid food will make him drink because he is hungry.
As lovely as the GP I saw yesterday was, I was made to feel like I was over reacting because, as per normal, my little man decided to act like he was absolutely fine and climb all over the place. As soon as we got home he's all lethargic and just vegged on the sofa.
Any advice or reassurance that 9 days is normal would be greatly appreciated as I pulling my hair out here sad
Thanks in advance.

Blossom4538 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:07:38

Oh gosh, awful. Dd and I went through this a few months ago.

We tried everything. She would take small amounts of liquid, water or lemonade and the gp was happy with that. She was quite dehydrated when gp saw her and close to hospital but literally small sips every 10-15 mins, through a straw, helped her. Perhaps not too cold so not to harsh on stomach. When I had it, I could stomach diet lemonade a lot easier than water (and I'm a real water drinker!) it had to be small sips and I did bring it back up once or twice!!

I tried everything with my DD too, ice pops etc. It's such a worry. Awful illness!

Dd didn't eat for days and lost a lot of weight. The gp was not too concerned but obv the liquids are more important. She was so skinny but did gain the weight back very quickly.

Hope he's okay. Do not hesitate to bother gp if really concerned or I believe it vomit or faeces look green in colour.

Feel for you, it's awful! I've never seen DD so poorly and I've never felt so ill in my life!!

XmisskimX Tue 14-Nov-17 11:33:06

Oh no sad Poor you and your little one sad

I have never known anything like it sad
Luckily I only had it for a couple of days which is why I'm shocked his has been going on so long sad

Did her days of not eating seem to help?
He's not even asking for food today which is a first. He normally has such a BIG appetite for such a little man.

I've not offered him anything either day and just going to concentrate on fluids. He just drank 200mls without me begging or pleading which I'm hoping is because he's hungry.

Did you start your little one back on basic foods when her appetite returned?

Sorry for all the questions but just trying to work out what would be the best thing to do for him and his stomach. Its breaking my heart seeing him so ill sad

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