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Does your toddler vomit when he/she has bad cold and is full of phlegm?

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PrimusInterPares Mon 13-Nov-17 22:30:45

Whenever my almost 3yo DS has a bad cold and is full of snot and phlegm, he invariably vomits after getting up in the morning...

It's like the build up of phlegm has triggered some kind of sick reflex and it's his way of purging himself of the phlegm (since he isn't really able to cough it up or blow his nose yet).

He has no other gastric symptoms (suggesting it's not a tummy bug along with the cold).

JohnHunter Mon 13-Nov-17 22:37:44

Our toddler is the same.

SheepyFun Mon 13-Nov-17 22:42:12

Oh yes. The good news is that DD (nearly 5) no longer does this. Yours may grow out of it too.

MrsUnderwood Mon 13-Nov-17 22:44:24

Mine did this recently. It was gross.

ILoveDolly Mon 13-Nov-17 22:45:30

My son always did it, but he seems to have grown out of it

MulhuddartDrive Mon 13-Nov-17 22:53:52

I remember doing it myself when I was little. It was unbelievably gross but I felt immeasurably better after.

WorkingBling Mon 13-Nov-17 22:56:17

Yup. Happened all the time. Both dc. A dr told me it’s a sign of a strong gag reflex as it’s the snot and phlegm hanging about at back of throat and making them vomit - like sticking finger down throat etc. Made a lot worse if they eat dairy when they have a cold - generating more phlegm.

Both also used to vomit if they cried too much - again, snot sitting back of throat.

They do grow out it. And on plus side more than one dr have commented to me that the strong gag reflex is good as it means they are much less likely to choke!

PotteringAlong Mon 13-Nov-17 22:59:00


slimyslitheryslug Mon 13-Nov-17 22:59:41

Yes. To the extent that nursery didn't enforce the 48hr exclusion rule for DD in these circumstances. She's now 8 and it hasn't happened since she's been at school.

PrimusInterPares Mon 13-Nov-17 23:57:25

This is all reassuring to hear!

CotswoldStrife Tue 14-Nov-17 00:02:55

I used to do this, well into my teens (sorry to say for anyone hoping their toddler will grow out of it!). When I got up in the morning, I think it must have been the overnight build up.

My DD has also done this but after a bath when she's bunged up - I think the steam must shift it and as PP have mentioned she has a very strong gag reflex so that may be an element. She was not good at taking medicine when she was small!

CotswoldStrife Tue 14-Nov-17 00:03:53

Actually I can remember DD doing it at school as well - I got the call to collect her but the teacher said she thought it was just congestion really.

PrimusInterPares Tue 14-Nov-17 10:41:03

Thanks for all your responses.

elliejjtiny Wed 15-Nov-17 20:35:29

My 6 year old does this.

LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Wed 15-Nov-17 20:44:11

I still do it and I'm thirty fucking three!

No matter how much I blow my nose or hack it up...I always end up coughing and then puking phlegm.

I'm one of those people who whenever they get ill it always makes feel sick anyway...even if it's just a cold.
Like my Nan used to say "it goes right to your belly girl"

Always wondered if that had something to do with my gag reflex and general illness are somehow connected.

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