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Bad cold or flu in 2.5yr old

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Kittyclaws Mon 13-Nov-17 18:13:00

2.5yr old DD has had a bug or something for the past 5 days, just wondering if it's something I should be taking her to GPs about?
Initially last Wed she had a fever and chills - went to Out of hours after speaking to 111 as she had a red patch on her arm that was ridiculously hot. Told it was probably viral & to come back if fever wasn't controlled - temp spiked at 39.8 then came back down throughout Thurs. Since then she's been warm but not fever-ish, and has had cold symptoms - runny blocked nose & cough. She had a croup style cough over Thurs night. She's not been herself, as she's usually charging round at 100mph, but she's been napping during the day and nodding off before bed & sleeping later in the morning, which never happens she's normally asleep 8pm - 6am with no signs of tiredness in the day. When she is awake she is lethargic and not wanting to do anything. She did some painting with DM last week and fell asleep mid paint. She's just not her usual chatty self, which is expected I suppose. She's also been very emotional as well.
She's probably eaten 3 proper meals since Weds and is drinking less each day, only having about 250ml milk and a few sips of water. She's still doing wet nappies but less than usual.

My question really is, does she need to see a GP? Obviously if wet nappies stop I'll get her seen (she's had dehydration previously) . She's being kept off nursery as well as I don't think she'd last the day. But as the GP can't do anything for a cold or flu is it worth It?

Thanks for any input & replies -sorry it's so long

Sparky888 Mon 13-Nov-17 18:22:20

As it sounds like she hasn’t improved significantly in 5 days and is drinking less and barely eating (3 meals in 5 days), i’d take her to the GP. Best wishes.

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