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Nose pain - any ideas?

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flutterby77 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:49:30

My 6 year old has been screaming out in pain about every 30 mins for the last 36 hours holding her nose. She has slept ok but when she's awake it is regularly painful. The bridge of her nose seems swollen but her nose isn't discharging anything. I've been giving her nurofen and Panadol plus using a saline spray.

I took her to the out of hours clinic yesterday and gp said pretty sure it's not sinusitis or other infection and is probably a virus of some kind. He was happy for us to keep on treating as we had been. I've seen this dr before and he is very conservative.

She is not a child who complains a lot normally - this is really causing her significant pain. Anyone experienced anything similar?

flutterby77 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:50:11

There's been no injury to her nose by the way. The pain is from inside.

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