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1 yo coughing, gagging in sleep

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Schwanengesang Wed 08-Nov-17 16:04:05

DS has a cold, presumably giving him a throat full of mucus that is making him gag and vomit. I have held him upright all night as it is worse when he lies down. There is a limit to how many night i can fo this though so was hoping for other suggestions...

Twopeapods Thu 09-Nov-17 22:38:41

My older DD was always like this when younger.
To help ease the cough cold symptoms- steamy water in the room with a couple drops olbas, raise the cot/bed, Vickes on chest and on soles of feet with socks, a dose of piriton (recommended by GP for cough). A combination of all the above should help.
How old is he?

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