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workingitout246 Tue 07-Nov-17 23:11:16

My son is 8. I have recently noticed he occasionally goes into a trance like state which lasts for a few minutes. He has started to tell me about it. He says it happens when he has too many emotions. He says he goes into a candy world or a horror world. He never knows which one it will be but he says it is usually the candy world. He says he cannot stop it and it feels like he is somewhere else. I am really very frightened on his behalf although I try not too be alarmed when he talks about it.
I have a completely useless GP and have a feeling he will fob me off if I take my son along with this issue. Where can I go for help?
My son has not had a traumatic or abusive upbringing. I did have cancer when he was a baby and was fearful of dying but thankfully I have made a full recover. He may have suffered as a result of my anxiety over this. I am a single parent.
He says it started when he was in reception when I left him and he had to have school dinners. so it sounds like he is fearfully of losing me.
I am desperate for some practical advice on where to go for help?

JohnHunter Wed 08-Nov-17 13:26:38

From the brief description here, it sounds a little like absence seizures. You should see your DS' GP about them. If you don't have any confidence in the advice you are given, perhaps see a different GP in the practice? Or switch practices?

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