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6 year old boy limping

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Askyfullofstars Mon 06-Nov-17 11:23:38

DS is 6 and started limping on Friday after his swimming lesson.

At first I thought he might have overdone it a bit and so have spent the weekend putting compresses on it and resting it up but its not showing any signs of improving.

The thing is, it is intermittent, it comes and goes randomly throughout the day and he doesnt really complain about any pain but will start limping. then only when you ask, he will say his leg hurts.

I thought it may be growing pains but its towards his outer thigh, just in one leg and it comes and goes throughout the day.

I have called his GP but no appointments or phone appointments until wednesday so do I need to take him to the walk in centre? or could it be growing pains? or do I need to give it more time if he has overdone it???

BarbarianMum Mon 06-Nov-17 11:52:44

I would give it a week and then GP if not better. Could just be a pulled muscle or trapped nerve.

JohnHunter Mon 06-Nov-17 12:39:00

A limping child needs to be seen. I would give 111 a call. Hopefully they will say that it can wait until Wednesday but that you should attend an Emergency Department without delay if (a) the limp is getting progressively worse (b) he is unable to put weight on that leg or (c) he becomes feverish/unwell.

BarbarianMum Mon 06-Nov-17 12:45:31

Yes, also if he starts bleeding, loses conciousness or starts displaying a whole other load of medical symptoms that the OP has somehow failed to mention. hmm

JohnHunter Mon 06-Nov-17 13:28:24

@BarbarianMum - If you're not sure how the symptoms that I mentioned are related to an intermittent limp in a 6-year-old then you're probably not in a strong position to reassure the OP.

Curiousgeorgey Mon 06-Nov-17 13:30:30

Had a limping son twice before. Gp took it very seriously. Was sent to hospital. Turned out it was irritable hip caused by a virus.

BarbarianMum Mon 06-Nov-17 13:33:35

John the OP has at no point said her son is generally unwell, or getting worse, or unable to weight bear? Do you not think she'll have mentioned it? Of course a limp can be serious but generally they're not and generally they resolve and generally rushing an otherwise symptomless but recently limping child to a&e is an over-reaction.

JohnHunter Mon 06-Nov-17 13:43:28

@BarbarianMum - perhaps you should read my post, which said that 111 will probably say it can wait until Wednesday. I then said that if (a), (b), or (c) happen in the meantime, he should be taken directly to A&E. Most limps aren't serious but those that are would be expected to develop in one of the ways I listed.

mummarosie1 Mon 06-Nov-17 14:20:43

I would personally go to A+E, kids hips can do some weird and wonderful things and although it’s probably nothing I would be safe rather than sorry. I used to work in A&E and we would always want to X-ray any leg causing a kiddy to limp when there is no obvious trauma the that caused it.

JohnHunter Fri 10-Nov-17 21:51:57

@Askyfullofstars Did you manage to get him assessed? Did you get any answers?

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