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15 year old niece

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wiziliz Sat 04-Nov-17 04:28:50

Hello everyone
My 15 year old niece still wets the bed at night, she is absolutely healthy, top in her studies, no concerns. She was diagnosed with low functioning thyroid at the age of 2 and is under medication,other than that there is no other concerns. Niece doesn't want to go the doctors as she is very shy about this. Any advice would be very helpful.

swizzlestix Sat 04-Nov-17 06:27:18

It's worth speaking to the school nurse linked to her school for advice. They often run enuresis clinics and can offer advice out of the school setting to save embarrassment. They usually start with the basics of doing a urine test, looking at fluid intake and exploring any possible constipation that could be causing the wetting.
There's lots of advice on the ERIC website and they also have a helpline. I'm sure your niece can be helped, wishing her good luck in getting it sorted, she's not alone.

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