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Sudden Constipation

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Verbena37 Thu 02-Nov-17 17:59:19

I’ve just taken dd (15) to see GP, who seemed bemusd that we were there and suggested sudden constipation in a child for 8 days was normal.

Dd suffered with chronic constipation from age 2 to 10 and was prescribed movicol for all of that time from hospital.
Since coming off it’s, she goes normally every other day or every day and has a really good diet and exercises enough.

I don’t think sudden constipation for 8 days and then this week of 5 days is normal. Not when she’s been going so regularly
for over 5 yrs.

I even had to ask the Gp to check her stomach because she wasn’t going to. I felt bad asking but when dd has been off school and doubled up with aching, I assumed the first thing a Gp would do is examine her. She said doesn’t feel abnormal so that’s good and has prescribed osmotic meds. daily.

Other than diet and exercise, is there anything else that could have suddenly caused this?

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