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Whooping cough?!

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elland Tue 31-Oct-17 23:38:19

Has anyone’s baby been fully vaccinated (pre 12 months) and still caught whooping cough?

My 10 month old is making a whoop noise when coughing and I can see the panic in his little face when he’s trying to catch his breath- he’s not been great for a couple of weeks but this cough has ramped up this evening/tonight especially.

He saw a GP a week ago who said his chest was fine and we’ve just had him at out of hours who also said chest is fine, it’s just a sore throat.

I’m not normally one to go against doctors diagnosis and I’m not saying they’re necessarily wrong this time but there is something not right with him at the moment! I thought a cold/sore throat is supposed to gradually get better, not increasingly get worse! I’ve just had a bit of a google and its telling me whooping cough does present with clear lungs.

Anyone similar?

shewolfmum Wed 01-Nov-17 09:37:41

I would take him back insist on test although not much they can do. Google suzanne humphries vit c protocol for whooping cough.. stock up on sodium absorbate.

BarbarianMum Sat 04-Nov-17 10:49:07

His chest will be fine if he's got whooping cough as the infection is higher up. Film him whooping if you can and take him back to the doctor asap - ideally the oldest doctor your practice has (older gps are more likely to be familiar with whooping cough).

I had whooping cough (age 43) a couple of years ago and was diagnosed 6 weeks in by a retired GP. I'd been to the nurse at our surgery a couple of times but she just listened to my chest and ignored me when I told her that I'd never had a cough anything like as bad as this. angry

They can give antibiotics if they catch it early enough, I believe.

Realitea Thu 09-Nov-17 20:29:49

The chest will sound clear if it’s whooping cough. The only way I got doctors to realise it was whooping cough was by recording the cough and being quite firm with them that I thought it was that!
My son had it, I caught it, dh caught it and my mother caught it. All our chests sounded fine.
Good luck OP.

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