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Fever on prednisolone

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WhereToLiveNow Mon 30-Oct-17 20:51:55

5 year old asthmatic ds, spent a couple of days in hospital for asthma 2 days ago. Was put on oral steroids (prednisolone) 40mg for 5 days.

He's finished them now and still had a bad cough, doesn't seem to be wheezy, but now has a fever.

Does he need to see a doctor because of the steroids/fever mix? And if so, will this wait until the morning?

DottyGiraffe Mon 30-Oct-17 21:31:15

I don't know about when, but could be an infection so I would say yes at some point see GP. Assuming no other symptoms, treat temperature as you would otherwise and see GP in the morning?

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