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Anyone seen a rash like this before?

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RedBamBam Fri 27-Oct-17 23:06:19

My 5 year old came down with this rash suddenly Monday evening, rang 111 who gave us an ooh appointment. Doctor there thought it was an allergic reaction and prescribed antihistamine.

Two days later the rash hadnt faded and she was coming out in fresh spots so we went to our Gp, she said she had never seen a rash like it before and didnt know what it was confused. Antihistamines have made no difference whatsoever, GP said to bring her back if she becomes unwell with it or the rash changes.

Another two days later and the rash is still there, and still new ones are appearing. She has a few chickenpox scars and this new rash looks like the scars - white spots some flat some raised. Luckily she is not ill with it but im concerned about whats causing it? Anyone have ideas?

DropZoneOne Fri 27-Oct-17 23:14:37

The second pic looks like moluscum, is the rash anywhere else?

Otherwise an allergic reaction - is it itchy? My DD got a rash over her neck after I'd used leave in nit treatment (despite no previous reaction). Antihistamine made no difference, just had to wait several days for it to fade and cover her in calamine in the meantime.

RedBamBam Fri 27-Oct-17 23:22:04

Thanks Drop, the rash is quite widespread its on her face, behind her ears, arms etc. It is very itchy, doctor gave some cooling menthol gel which did soothe it a bit. Do you think its likely an allergic reaction then? I cant think of anything different she had that day but she was at school so could have been anything she touched/ate. I asked about molloscum but the doctor said it wasnt that.

RedBamBam Sun 29-Oct-17 19:32:18

Well shes still coming out in new spots almost a week later, and none of the old ones have faded. Im taking her to doctors again tomorrow.

Ive no experience of allergic reactions, would one last this long? She has severe asthma and her consultant has tested for the main allergens which all came back clear. Im baffled!

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