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What's going on?!

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EditionMama Fri 27-Oct-17 08:48:23

In desperate need of advice. Not sure if I should be calling the gp or il be laughed at for wasting their time.

My son is 3, and has been potty trained since May. He takes himself to the potty or toilet when he needs to go for a wee or poo, and then calls me after for help. He hasn’t had any accidents since May.
For the last week he has been poo-ing himself. It is 100% involuntary, as I have witnessed it happen. He can be happy running around playing, and then stops dead in his track crying and it’s already out (no straining involved). He is very distressed when it happens, and I will reassure him that it’s ok, and il clean it up straight away.
Some of the poos have been on the looser side, but not diarrhoea as such. I assumed it was a viral bug, but some of the poos are a little more solid that would require some pushing, and they still seem to be ‘falling out’ blush. He doesn’t seem to be getting the urge that he needs a poo, which of course is concerning me.
I’ve checked his bottom, and it doesn’t look sore at all. He’s had no temperature, and is general his usual self.
I’ve tried setting a time to take him to the potty (say every hour), so he doesn’t have to remind himself and we can risk the accidents, but it made him really stressed and I worried about causing a phobia of using it in future so I have stopped that.

Any advice would be really appreciated. Do I need to see a doctor? Might be worth mentioning that his dad has crohns, and his grandad has colitis (although their conditions started from birth).

Thank you very much in advance.

IwillrunIwillfly Fri 27-Oct-17 11:06:58

Definately worth seeing the gp. My first thought was he could be very constipated and impacted. You can get over flow poo which pushes round the blocked lump and causes soiling. Worth having a look at the eric website. Hope you get things sorted soon.

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