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Confused, viral or chickenpox?? *pics*

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SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 11:08:05

My 2yo DS all of a sudden came down with a temperature Saturday afternoon, and pretty much slept all afternoon/evening

Sunday morning came down with a very runny nose and refused to eat, noticed a few pimple like spots, these spots increased on monday.

Still not eating, temperature and runny nose I phoned the docs who told me to bring him in, the backs of his legs we're quite covered at this point

The doctor pretty much shrugged me off an said viral although a few people had said it looked like the start of chickenpox.

For some reason I hadn't felt convinced it was viral

Just looking at his fingers and feet now an I have noticed the spots have turned into little blisters

I'm now just unsure of whether it is just viral?

What do you think?

These are some pics of his feet/soles, fingers and legs


SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 11:08:56

An a couple more

SillyBub Wed 25-Oct-17 11:13:06

Looks like Hand, Foot and Mouth to me, IIRC

SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 11:16:03

Doc ruled that out.

Chickenpox, scarlet fever, HFM and a viral infection are all doing the rounds at nursery

He was more concerned about meningitis and did the glass test and gave me sheets on viral rashes hmm

SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 11:17:47

Also spots have appeared all over his bottom and on the inside of his bum, but no blisters from what I can see so far

SillyBub Wed 25-Oct-17 11:25:11

Well I'm not in any way medically qualified but I'm sure that's what HF&M looked like on my 2 DC. Actually, we renamed it Hand, Foot and Bum because they both had loads on their bum and all down their legs and feet but none on their faces/in their mouth.

Actually, they never went to the GP with it, it was me who 'diagnosed' as HF&M. I even got it myself.

They were both a bit grotty and miserable for a few days but that was it.

How your DC is better soon flowers

Lolalovespugs Wed 25-Oct-17 11:27:40

Hand foot and mouth. I'm a childminder and it's done the rounds here a lot.

Classic spots and symptoms.

SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 12:18:04

I did wonder if it was HFM, I can feel some bumps on the inside of his mouth and he's been complaining alot about his mouth.

He has a spot just on the top of his lip but that hasn't blistered an doesn't have anymore on his face an hardly any spots kn his belly. Just rash/red spots all down his arms too

Just feel awful for him sad

Quartz2208 Wed 25-Oct-17 12:21:48

HFM - Docs are not that great at spotting it but it looks exactly like it to me

SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 13:19:36

Thank you for the comments. Seems you all agree.

I did gave a quick Google images an must admit those types of little blisters do look like it.

They've only really come out in the last day or so but he's been covered in red spots since Sunday night / Monday

Any ideas how long it lasts?

Think it's obvious this is my first child grin

Ecureuil Wed 25-Oct-17 13:22:09

Looks just like HFM to me too, both DD’s have had it.
DD1 was miserable with it and it lasted about 7 days. It didn’t bother DD2 so much and hers lasted about 5 days.

ButtfaceMiscreant Wed 25-Oct-17 13:24:42

My twins have just come out in it - legs, bum, arms covered, some in & around mouth, nothing on trunk or hands! Both been miserable but well in themselves. Just have to ride it out (been a week since first twin came down with it and spots just starting clear).

NotAQueef Wed 25-Oct-17 13:25:37

Yup definitely think it's HF&M - my daughter has had it twice this year and it was really bad the first time, but over a lot quicker the second. Loads of spots/blisters on hands/arms, feet and nappy area.

The first time she had it (the unwellness) lasted for well over a week and she had the blisters/spots for a couple of months (fading slowly over that time). The her toe nails and skin around feet started to peel off :-( not nice, but didn't bother her.

Hope your DS is over the worst very soon x

SparklyMagpie Wed 25-Oct-17 13:36:02

Aww honestly thanks for all the comments

Definitely sounds like HFM ( apparently going round his room at nursery)

He's drinking lots of fluid, wouldn't have anything cool in his mouth and was crying and saying " ouch mouth" after every bite of a banana before sad

His appetite now seems to be picking up a little and he's seemed a little more of himself today so hopefully he'll be on the mend

Sorry to hear those of you who's little ones are suffering too!!

Thanks so much xx

BishopstonFaffing Wed 25-Oct-17 16:58:35

Soft boiled eggs chopped up with little cubes of white buttered bread worked for DD! It was all she ate for days. Hope he feels better soon.

oldlaundbooth Wed 25-Oct-17 19:29:06

Apple sauce will be good for his mouth.

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