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F.N.A for neck lump

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natashajayne Wed 25-Oct-17 00:47:13

A couple of weeks ago i posted on this forum about a lump on the side of DD neck. It seemed like abnormally large lymph node but then it started to change shape, it got smaller/flatter now its uneven and hard.

I was waiting for blood tests which came back clear that ruled out anything like a infection, The next step was to see a specialist at the ENT at our local hospital, Then referred us for a scan which im happy with but it also says in this letter i received that she might need a F.N.A (fine needle aspiration)/Biopsy

Does anyone who has been through this have any tips to keep their child calm through this? (DD really didn't enjoy her Preschool boosters and had a tough time getting these blood tests done so i know she's going to be hysterical for this scan)

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