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Infected hand?

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Eppia Fri 20-Oct-17 13:31:33

This is on DS' hand. He cut it yesterday and has no idea what on. Not sure if I'm just being silly but this is okay isn't it? It's a bit redder than yesterday. We're going away tomorrow for a week. I don't want to bother the doctor with something so minor, which is likely to heal by itself.

DS says it's not especially painful, he has no temp and says the only thing is that it feels slightly 'tingly/numb'.

The pen is mine, which I've just done to check there's no spreading. Unlikely to get an appointment today anyway...

changethofnameth Fri 20-Oct-17 13:35:03

If you came into my pharmacy I would tell you it didn’t look infected and to pop some savlon on.

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 20-Oct-17 13:36:37

It doesn't look terrible, I'd treat that at home with antiseptic and see how it gets on.

Eppia Fri 20-Oct-17 14:01:52

Thank you!
It's actually DH who is worrying! He's convinced that red around the outside = bad. I am trying to reassure him that it's normal unless accompanied by lots of pain and it's spreading.

Monkeyinshoes Fri 20-Oct-17 14:19:05

I'd go to the doctors or a walk in centre tbh.

I've just had an infected foot which looked like that. It wasn't spreading and I had no temperature. I treated it with antiseptic for several days but it just wouldn't heal.

Went to the walk in centre and they said I needed a weeks worth of antibiotics. It's finally got a normal scab on it and I think it's healing now.

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