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Blood in stool

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GRose04 Thu 19-Oct-17 14:19:53

My 22 mo son has been experiencing blood in his stool for 3 days now. It is more prominent in his evening poo (around 8pm). The blood looks like red currant jelly which runs through the stool - Sorry about the detail! He hasn't changed his diet so I don't think it's an intolerance.
I went to the hospital on the first evening I spotted it recommended by 111, they said they think it is a tear so sent me home. When I found blood the next day I went to the Drs to send off a sample for testing. I have to wait until Monday for the results.
My question is, does anyone have any experience of this? I have tried Dr.Google but can't seem to find the same symptoms as my ds. He is well in himself, the poo is loose which is why I do not suspect a tear. Im just impatient and want to know what could be the problem as the GP wants to wait for the results.

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