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Bazuka for molluscum warts?

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smogsville Wed 18-Oct-17 14:27:37

Has anyone tried this? Bought Bazuka extra strength for a verruca and now tempted to try it on my daughter’s molluscum. Was at hospital with her last week for an unrelated matter and the doc said there is no point doing anything about molluscum, it’ll go of its own accord but she’s has these warts on her knee for nearly a year now, it’s bothering her when other children notice them and ask what they are and sometimes she falls over (as 6yos so) and cuts them. I have a referral letter from GP for a dermatologist appointment but given what the hospital doc said, it feels like a waste of time. A friend suggested Bazuka so I thought I’d open it up to mumsnet. I know people say get a needle and give it a poke but there is no way the daughter would let us do this - she’ll tolerate vaccinations from a nurse but that’s it. Thanks in advance.

milkjetmum Wed 18-Oct-17 14:30:46

We bazuka treated dd1 in early days thinking it was wart not molluscum. It does work, but was painful for her from about 3Rd day onwards so we decided to leave the rest alone.

Dd1 has had molluscum on her shoulder for almost a year now so I understand the urge to remove them, I had a dream she had them all down her back... But we decided to just wait it out and are more optimistic now the first few have started to go.

smogsville Wed 18-Oct-17 18:49:25

Thanks milkjet. As I have to treat her verruca anyway I’ll see how she tolerates that and maybe have a go... good to hear that it didn’t flare up and get worse in any case. If she didn’t care about it, neither would I especially as we’re not in bare legs territory anymore. I tried sodding colloidal silver spray from the local homeopathy loonie bin but that hasn’t made an iota of difference, much to my husband’s amusement.

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